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  • POLAN~POLAN Keio-Hachioji

(2013.9.17) New Price System start!
(2013.9.11) There is the newest water server on 3rd floor. Please drink it for free.
(2013.9.11) We have 76 high-spec PC '‚f‚`‚k‚k‚d‚q‚h‚`' for popular online games. You can check the installing status of the online games from this page.
(2013.7.13) Polan-Polan was used in the shooting of "Saturday Wide Theater (TV ASAHI)".
(2013.4.30) Free Ice block service start!
(2013.2.8) Additional Pair Booth to Smoking+Non-Smoking floors!
(2013.1.31) SuicaEPASMO, Credit cardiVISA/Master/JCB/AMEXjavailable.
(2012.12.19) POLAN~POLAN Keio-Hachioji Store Open!

  • New Price System start!
  • Morning 10HR Packs on weekdays for 1,100yen, 1,200yen for weekend at holidays!
New Price System start!

  • 25,000 comics and more than 50 Online GameI
  • 25,000 comics and more than 50 Online GameI

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