We have about 40,000 comics and more than 200 newest magazines, both for men and women.
You can enjoy our high-speed internet, popular online games and VOD(Video On Demand).

Comics and Magazines
Comic and Magazine
We have about 40,000 comics.
And we have more than 200 newest magazines.

Speedy internet and plenty of applications
Speedy internet and plenty of applications
You can easily surf on the internet with our high-speed internet line and the newest computers! The Kingsoft Office2012 are installed in every computers, so you will have no problem useing the computers for business terms. You can also print in high-quality from every computers.
* Kingsoft Office2012 is compatible with Microsoft Office.

Online Game
Online Game
We have 32 Dospara's 'f`kkdqh`' introduced in both open/single seats. Please enjoy it to its fullest with our high-spec computers.
Please ask the Front Desk about Pair Seats with high-spec computers.

You can watch more than 1,000 movies for free.
Please check out content from below. PICTION

WebMoney and Bitcash
You can easily purchase it from PC in the store.