Price List@(Hachioji Store)
All of the prices include consumption tax, which will be changed to 8% from 1st April, 2014.
POLAN~POLAN Hachioji Store Price List
Private Seat
Open Seat
Extension charge
(every 10minutes)
Normal course
(Half an hour)
3HR Packs
6HR Packs
9HR Packs
Morning 10HR Packs
Night Packs 5HR
Student discount
100yen discount service for Students
using 3HR packs and above.

@The reception for the Morning Package is from 6AM`10AM.
@The reception for the Night Package is from 8PM`6AM.
@Please show your student ID Cards to your checkout at the time of those who use
the student discount.
@You may use the shower room for 400 yen for 30 minutes. We have the following amenities.
1 Face Towel,1 Body Towel, Body Shampoo, Hair Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Dryer.
@You may use SuicaEPASMO and Credit CardsiVISA/Master/JCB/AMEXj.
@We purchase 100yen as the administration fee/reissue of the Member's Card.
(you may use the Hachioji Store's Members Card as well.)
@Please bring any necessary documents to prove your identification, e.g. driving liscence,
student ID, passport etc. when making a Members Card.
@On weekends and holidays, we will purchase additional 100yen for Package fee.

Natural Hot Spring

Bath Service at 'Yasuragi no Yu' for custmers using 3HR packs and above.
Weekdayi1 hourj Special price @820yen
Weekend/Holidayi1 hourj Special price @1,030yen
Available Time 6:00AM to 7:45AM
10AM to 2AMiCheck in by 1AMj
You can use the 'Yasuragi no Yu' during and after your stay at Polan-Polan. (Nevertheless, Please be aware that your time of your pack will be used when you are in the 'Yasuragi no Yu'.
If you exceed an hour, we will purchase an extra 830yen an weekdays, 1,030yen for weekends.
yWe have the following amenitiesz
1 Face Towel, Body Shampoo, Hair Shampoo, Conditioner, ToothBrush, Razor, Cotton Swabs, Cosmetics, Hair Dryer.

Store Map@(Hachioji Store)

You can choose your preferable seat when you check in.Please click the map below for details.