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Registration Direction

Please bring any necessary identification documents such as driving liscenes, Student IDs or passports when it is your first time using our cafe.
We are having an internet-only campaign at the moment. please check it out. (No annual renewal fee/Registration fee free.)

Membership Policy

T- General Rule
1. Application of Policy
This policy applies to all members(details given in Rule#4) of our store 'Comic-An Polan-Polan' and 'POLAN~POLAN Keio-Hachioji' (hereinafter 'our store'), in any situations regarding their use of our store.
2. Alteration of Policy
There will be times when this membership policy will be altered without any notification in advance. In such case, the terms of use of our store will be based on the altered policy. In addition, our store will notify any changes of the policy at our store.
3. Definition
We define 'guardians' as a person who is lawfully invented with the power, and charged of with the obligation, of taking care of and managing the minor.
We define 'minor' as one who is under the age of 18 (excluding those who have matured by marriage).
If there are any elements that are not clarified in this policy but is clarified in any other related regulations, we will treat it as an equivalent matter.
U- Membership
4. Definition of Member
We define 'Member's' as those who have applied for membership of POLAN~POLAN, and who have been qualified as a member. Members must follow this membership policy in order to use our store.
5. Administration Procedure
One who wish to administer for membership is required to fill in our store's application forms, and to present certificates which includes information of one's name and address (e.g. driving liscence, student ID, passport. Hereinafter 'ID').
6. Restraint on Alienation of Membership Card
Our store issues a membership card to our members. The membership card allows use only to the owner of the card, and is prohibited to be alienated from the owner himself.
7. Notification of Change
If there are any changes regarding the member's name, address or any other information that our store was given, the members is required to notify any changes immediately.
8. Entering Without a Membership Card
If the member wishes to enter our shop without his/her membership card, the member will be allowed to enter by presenting his/her ID, but only for once.
9. Loss of Card
In case of loss of a membership card, the member must inform our store immediately. In this case, our store will disqualify the membership card and issue a new membership card for the member. However, when there is no notification of the loss, regardless of what the finder will do using the membership card, our store will not be responsible for any consequence or damage this may cause. If there are any damage regarding our store by the finder using the membership card, the original owner must pay compensation regardless of their responsibility.
10. Loss of Membership Qualifications
In any of the circumstances listed below, our store will be able to disqualify one's membership without notification in advance.
1. When we judge that any activity corresponds to those which are listed as prohibited activities under Rule#13).
2. When we find out that there were any false information given when administering for membership.
3. When one violates this membership policy.
4. In any other circumstances in which we judge that one is inadequate as a member.
V- Member's Responsibility
11. First Principle for Self-Responsibility
The member would be responsible for any actions and possible results that are held under the use of our store. When there are any problems caused with others during the use of our store, the member would be responsible of any matters when solving the problem. When the member causes any damage to our store or to others during the use of our store, the member would be responsible for paying the compensation with his/her own responsibility.
12. Prohibition of Business Activity
One is prohibited to use our store for any business activity or its preparation. Nevertheless, there would be exceptions when our store allows such activites.
13. Prohibited Activities
The members are prohibited to do any of the activities listed below. When the member violates this rule, the member's membership will be disqualified following rule#11. Also, our shop will have the authority to make members leave the store immediatly when asked. In addition, the member will be responsible for paying the compensation to our store or to any other third parties in case of any damage caused by the member.
1. Infringement of one's right.
2. Causing physical/mental harm.
3. Intimidating others.
4. Defamation of others.
5. Violation of other's privacy.
6. Humiliating/Harassing others.
7. Any indecent/vulgar activity.
8. Any action lacking character.
9. Any comments considered as verbal abuse.
10.Anything that can be regarded as discrimination to other race.
11.Any activity that will make others feel unpleasant.
12.Any activites against our staffs or members which may have ethical concerns.
13.Destroying any of our store's facilities, changing the settings, and taking out the software.
14.Youths under the age of 20 drinking alcohol or smoking.
15.Smoking outside the designated smoking area (including bathrooms).
16.Entering the store drunk.
17.Any injustice including shoplifting and luggage lifting.
18.Shooting inside the store with equipments brought from outside the store.
19.Using the cellphone outside designated area.
20.Washing clothes/hair in the bathroom.
21.When any actions that may cause inconvenience to surrounding members(including snores) are not improved even after pointed out few times.
22.Actions regarding smell that may cause inconvenience to surrounding members.
23.Taking comics/magazines/drinks to the bathroom.
24.Going out of the store before paying. However, in case of emergency, the member should inform the employee and obey the employee's order.(If the member goes out within the time of the package s/he has paid for, that is an exceptance)
25.Any other activities that are against rules/morals regarding our store and our facilities.
W- Operation and General Information
14. Entrance fee and Method of Payment
The entrance fee and method of calculation is to be set by our store. In addition, the method of payment would be based on the method set by our store.
15. The Use of Personal Computers
In our store, by restarting the personal computers(hereinafter 'PC'), the usage history would be deleted. In addition, we will not be responsible for loss of any data in any case the PC restarts due to connection/error/and any other reason. Therefore, we will not be responsible for any data loss, and will clarify here that the usage history will be deleted after changing or paying for the booth/package.
16. Treatment towards Minors
Any person is relevant to the Ordinance for Eliminating the Organized Crime Groups is not allowed to enter our store. Minors are prohibited to enter the store at designated times. Members under 16 are prohibited to enter after 6PM, and members under 18 are prohibited after 11PM(members wearing school uniforms are prohibited after 8PM). However, if the regulation set by prefectural and city governments differs from this Membership Policy, members are to follow the regulation. (Also, POLAN~POLAN Keio-Hachioji is own for registered members, and will not allow customers who cannnot present their ID.)
17. Confidential Nature and Privacy Policy
We will handle your private information given in the registration form as written below.
@. Purpose of Usage
1. In order to identify the said person.
2. In order for our store to operate smoothly.
3. In order to provide a safe and adequate service for members who are minors.
4. In order to enrich the product and the service contents.
5. In order to accurately inform the members about special services/new products/etc.
6. In order for our store to contact the members when necessary.
7. In order for our store to conduct a research regarding the usage situation/usage environment/etc.
A. Obligation for Safety Management
We are obliged to take adequate measures in order to prevent data leak, illegal access and practice other safety management measures of private information.
Our stores are obliged to instruct and surveil our employees about the management of private information.
B. Limitation to Provision of Information
We shall not provide the member's private information to third parties without the agreement of the member except for the situations listed below.
1. When regarding of law
2. When the member violates the membership policy.
3. When necessary in order to protect one's life/body/property and when it is difficult to have the member's agreement.
4. When our store needs to cooperate with the national organization/local government/one who is consigned from such organization, and when there are problems in completing their missions by asking for the member's agreement.
C. Claims Management
Please contact the front desk for any claims.
18. Disclaimer
1. We will not be held responsible of any damages to members caused by the abeyance or abolishment of our service.
2. The content of the service we will provide are to be only the ones we are able to.
3. We will not be responsible for any accuracy/completeness/availability of the information the members will receive from our service.
4. We will not be responsible of any damage caused by the members by using our service (including troubles between others), or any damage caused by those who were not able to use our service (excluding ones which are clarified in this policy).
5. In any case which the members may harm other members or third parties by using our service, that member will be responsible for solving that problem with his/her own responsibility and money, and s/he shall not harm our store in any way.
6. In case of emergency such as fire and earthquakes, the computers will automatically shut down regarding our customers' safety. This is a direction received from the fire department and our store will not be responsible for any damage including the loss of data.